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Juan Rasmussen "Coach"


For the last 20 plus years of my life, grappling has played a major roll in my life. It all started when my high school wrestling coach convinced me to join the wrestling team. After becoming a district champion and an all state wrestler, I found Jiu-Jitsu & MMA. I won 3 amature MMA fights, but my heart was on the mat. As I began my college wrestling career at Southern Oregon Universty (SOU), I always found time to roll during the off season. I wrestled 3 years for Mike Ritchey,  head coach at SOU, then went on to do military training. During my military career, I would train as much as possible. On my deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, I joined mat clubs that were located on the base. During my last deployment to Somalia, there was no mat club, so, I started my own. This club of rough around the edge soldiers would train 3 days per week. It was our way to escape the environment. During this time, I found a passion for teaching. I began studying all the greatest players and implementing their techniques into my game.

Currently, I am a brown belt under Mac Danzig (Danzig MMA). Mac continues to influence my style and evolve my game everyday. Mac has given me a platform in which I am able to sharpen my teaching skills and pass on my knowlegde to the students at Danzig MMA. For this, I am forever thankful to Mac & Angela. As I start this new journey of my own, I continue to be a part of the Danzig MMA family and teach the Friday noon class.

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